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Thank You for your interest in GRAVITY. Founder and owner Kevin D. Monahan has been skiing and tuning skis for the past five decades. Kevin has been fortunate enough thru those years to have skied areas all over the world. He began skiing at the great slopes of the Hamilton Ski Tow, and went on to ski the White Mountains, Green Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada and the Swiss, German, Austrian and French Alps. Kevin was an innovator in the sport of Freestyle skiing with ledgends like Stein Eriksen, Wayne Wong, Greg Athans, Scott Willingham, Eddy "Air Born" Fergeson and many more. In 1974 Kevin placed 3rd in the Beconta Cup World Championship and in 1976 placed 2nd at the Waterville Valley Chevrolet Freestyle Open. Kevin was a Member of (IFSA) the International Freestyle Skiing Association the (PFA) Professional Freestyle Association and (AFSA) American Freestyle Skiers association. He was one of the first Freestyle Coaches in New England Landing a job at Loon Mountain as Head Freestyle coach in 1975. When asked about his skiing career Kevin states,
"One of the biggest advantages east coast freestyle skiers and racers had back then was we could ski the iceWe new how to sharpen skis to meet the ever changing conditions. A lot of competitors from other parts of the country and Europe, where powder conditions prevail never had to sharpen skis, they only waxed. At a competition in Stowe Vermont  I was filing a pair of skis and a good friend and fellow West Coast competitor, asked me if I would tune his skis. He told me he never had to sharpen a pair of skis, he always skied in packed powder conditions." It was at that point I realized I was at a great advantage".

The Secret!


GRIP- I'll give you sharp, smooth, polished, burr-free side edges at the bevel angle suited for your skill level, event and personal preferences. 

SLIP- I'll give you smooth flat bases and base-bevel angles that will make it easier to find the "sweet spot" to transition your turns, fast or slow, on boilerplate, in the bumps or on the bunny-slopes.

GLIDE- I'll give you the proper base structuring and waxing to minimize friction, maintain speed and maximize ease across traverses, flats and run-outs.

Today every great Racer, Freestyler, Snowboarder and Extreme Skier knows the importance of tuning.
Not only are tuned skies easier to ski on, but they are safer to ski on. 

GRAVITY  a specialized personalized service for the skier and snowboarder who wants the advantage of:
                                              GRIP, SLIP and GLIDE

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